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Tallenna päivämäärä ***11.10.2023.*** 


October 11, 2023 at 14:00 (Helsinki, East-European Time) 

TOPIC: The positive welfare impacts of playpens and ball pits in laboratory rats 

Laboratory rodents display a rich behavioural repertoire such as rearing and climbing that is not possible in the current ‘shoebox’ style caging in which they are typically housed in animal facilities. Access to playpens or ball pits in small groups has been identified as a way in which rats can engage with a complex environment while also fulfilling social needs. In this talk I will discuss our recent work showing that just 5 minutes of access to a playpen objectively induces a positive affective state, and can reduce the potential negative welfare impact of common laboratory procedures. 

SPEAKER: Dr. Megan Jackson (University of Bristol UK) 

Megan is a teaching associate at the University of Bristol. Her research involves the development of ethologically relevant behavioural tasks to assess rodent motivation, with a specific focus on apathy. She is the co-chair of the early career researcher 3Rs group, and she is a culture of care researcher representative. 

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