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Fin3R WEBINARI, 15.1.2023 klo 14 (Helsinki, EET) 

Otsikko: Robust experimental design with the Experimental Design Assistant 

There is growing concern in the community about the reliability of biomedical research results. Experimental design flaws, inappropriate analysis methods and incomplete reporting have all contributed to the publishing of inconsistent results. The NC3Rs has developed resources to assist researchers in designing more robust experiments, selecting the appropriate analysis method and reporting the experiment thoroughly. One such resource is the Experimental Design Assistant (EDA; The EDA is free online software with a supporting website to help researchers design more robust in vivo experiments.  

This talk will cover key strategies to improve experimental design and highlight how the EDA can help researchers implement these. For example, the EDA can analyse your experimental design and suggest changes or highlight the implications of your specific experimental design choices, enabling you to make informed choices. Optimised experimental plans can then be communicated by exporting a PDF summarising key experimental design information from the EDA or sharing your experimental plan via a URL. This can make clearly communicating experimental plans with colleagues, funders and ethical review bodies easier, enhancing opportunities for collaboration, feedback and transparent reporting of your in vivo experiments. 

Puhuja: Dr. Esther Pearl (NC3Rs, UK) 

Esther Pearl is the Programme Manager for Experimental design at the UK’s National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (the NC3Rs). Esther works to develop tools and resources to help researchers design experiments. This includes the Experimental Design Assistant (EDA), an online tool to guide researchers through the design of animal experiments, and the ARRIVE guidelines, which encourage improved design and reporting of animal research. Esther completed a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Otago, New Zealand and worked with Xenopus as a postdoctoral researcher in the field of developmental biology at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, Canada, the National Xenopus Resource, USA and King’s College London, UK.   

Jountaja: Vootele Voikar (University of Helsinki, FIN3R Refinement Director)

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Huom! Huomenna, 16. tammikuuta, Esther esittelee käytännössä Experimental Design Assistant (EDA) -verkkotyökalun käyttöä. Lisätietoja löydät täältä:  

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