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3R centre Finland, FIN3R

Fin3R Centre is nominated and supervised by the Council on the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific or Educational Purposes (TOKES). TOKES promotes the three R principles (3Rs): Replace, Reduce, and Refine.

FIN3R (the 3R Centre Finland) is a cooperation forum for universities, research institutes, authorities and industry that promotes the 3Rs in research and education. Representatives of the different stakeholders form the FIN3R board that is responsible for preparing and implementing its operational plan. The objective is to promote development and use of methods and strategies based on the 3Rs in education and scientific research as well in animal breeding and keeping. This will be accomplished by increasing education and training of the researchers on 3R methods, further the development of these methods, and dissemination of the best practices to researchers and operators.


FIN3R actively collects and distributes up-to-date information about methods, technologies, practices, and strategies to replace, reduce and refine animal studies in research and education. This will reduce the use of animals and improve their welfare while enhancing the reliability and reproducibility of research. The use of animals will be limited to such projects in which the desired results are impossible to achieve by any other scientifically reliable method or testing strategy.


We inform researchers and operators on the 3Rs
FIN3R delivers up-to-date information about methods, technologies, practices and strategies that replace animal experiments with non-animal methods and approaches, reduce the number of animals, and improve animals´ welfare without compromising ultimate research objectives. FIN3R also communicates the research activities of different research groups. 

We inform about training sessions, courses and legislation
FIN3R disseminates the information of national and international training events, courses, congresses, legislation and official guidelines.

We organise education and training
FIN3R organises education and training on methods, technologies, practices and strategies that replace, reduce and refine animal studies.