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Education and training events

Education and training events and courses in Finland

Advanced education and training of researchers are essential for the 3Rs. FIN3R organises training and education events on 3Rs. Further it also takes part in organizing other courses  and doctoral training in cooperation with universities’ doctoral schools.


17th Transgenic technology meeting, September 17th-20th 2022, Helsinki, Finland

FIN3R (the 3R Centre Finland, is a cooperation forum established in Spring 2022 for universities, research institutes, authorities, and industry that promotes the 3Rs in research and education. The objective is to promote the development and use of methods and strategies based on the 3Rs in education and scientific research as well as in animal breeding and keeping. This will be accomplished by increasing the education and training of the researchers on 3R methods, further the development of these methods, and dissemination of the best practices to researchers and operators. University researchers or research groups develop models and methods that are mostly applied for their use but could be widely used by others or their expertise could be broadly leveraged. 
Some of you might remember me when I was evaluating the needs and interests of the 3R center and especially from a Replacement perspective. Now I invite you to a one-day workshop to draft an action plan for the coming years; what is needed and what we should do. Although the area we will tackle is Replacement i.e. all non-animal methods and strategies but every one of you are very welcome to the University of Helsinki, Porthania, 24.10.2022 9-15 o´clock. 
On behalf of the Replacement team, I wish you cordially welcome. Because of the coffee service we need your registration. Please register yourselves by 17.10.2022 using the link: The program is attached.  
Tuula Heinonen
Director, Replacement 

Laboratory animal courses

Universities organise regular education and training for competence for people working with experimental animals. The courses are harmonized throughout Finland, and they cover procedures on animals and project design. Course information is available on the websites of the host universities, or their laboratory animal centres.

Courses, seminars, webinars and congresses abroad

European Commission

Education and Training Platform for Laboratory Animal Science,,
EU-10: Design of procedures and projects – level 1,
EU-11: Design of procedures and projects – level 2,
EU-12: The severity assessment framework,
Eu-25: Project evaluation,
EU-52: Searching for (existing) non-animal alternatives,
EU-60: Developing in vitro methods and approaches for scientific and regulatory use,

Webinars and seminars


  • Uniting in Toxicology: The XVI International Congress of Toxicology, 18–22 September 2022 in Maastricht, The Netherlands.
  • AALAS National Meeting, October 23–27, 2022, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
  • 21st International Congress of the European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV), 21–25 November 2022 in Barcelona, Spain.